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Pen Erases Paper

(website is no longer active)

Showcasing the work of local cartoon artist Sam Wallman, the website features entirely hand drawn buttons and navigation, as well as a custom font in Sam's own handwriting and an online shop.

Sam wanted to keep things simple with a focus on his artwork and look like the pages of a notebook, so we collaborated to incorporate navigation elements (such as buttons) that he drew himself.

We also included a simple, custom online shop so that he could sell his artwork and books directly from the website.

It was important that the site also be fully responsive (adapt to the size of the screen the website is viewed on) so that it would work well on mobiles and tablets as well as desktop browsers.

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We're looking for independent developers who can team up on projects as they become available.

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  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Have a registered ABN
  • Highly proficient in:
    • PHP
    • Wordpress
    • HTML
    • CSS

You'll be able to turn polished Photoshop mock-ups into working code, utilising our own custom plugins.

Personal qualities matter to us

Ideally you'll have an interest in social justice issues and enjoy the idea of contributing to projects that make a difference in the broader community.

Most of all you need to be easy to get along with, honest and conscientious.

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